Adult Sunday School Teacher / RU Inside Director - Alan Beam

Bro. Alan works maintenance around the church, as well as taking care of any other needs the pastor has. 

Teen Sunday School / Nursing Home Ministry - Keith and Marcia Preston

Bro. Keith also works in the jail ministry. Mrs. Marcia is our choir director.

Children’s church teacher - Neysa Keller

Ms. Neysa also plays guitar for our church song services, and is always jumping in to help where needed. 

Sunday School Teacher (Ages 6-11) - Donna Peacock

Mrs. Donna also helps with the Senior Saturday ministry.

Senior Saturday Coordinators - Nathanael and Amber Preston

Nathanael and Amber also serve the Lord together in the Senior's ministry. Amber is also our Primary Sunday School (Ages 6-11) class substitute teacher.

Sunday School Teacher (Ages 3-5) - Rhonda Graham

Mrs. Rhonda is a blessing. She is always helping out where needed.

Church Secretary - Mary Jo Beam

Mrs. Mary Jo works with her husband, Bro. Alan, in the RU ministry.

Church Treasurer - Kathy Welshans

Ms. Kathy keeps us all straight. She works alot of hours making sure things run smoothly in the church treasury. 

Camp Director / Veteran’s Day Coordinator - Wayne Fenley

Bro. Wayne works very hard on our annual Veteran's Day service each November. He is also part owner of Hatfield Hill Christian Camp