Adult Sunday School Teacher / RU Inside Director - Alan Beam
Bro. Alan teaches the RU Inside program in the Bullitt County Jail on Thursday nights. He also does maintenance around the church, as well as taking care of any other needs the pastor has. 

Teen Sunday School / Nursing Home Ministry - Keith and Marcia Preston
Bro. Keith works in the jail ministry. Mrs. Marcia is our choir director.

Children’s church teacher - Neysa Keller
Ms. Neysa also plays guitar for our church song services, and is always jumping in to help where needed. 

Sunday School Teacher (Ages 6-11) - Donna Peacock
Mrs. Donna helps with the Senior Saturday ministry.

Senior Saturday Coordinators - Nathanael and Amber Preston
Nathanael and Amber serve the Lord together in the Senior's ministry. Amber is also our Primary Sunday School (Ages 6-11) class substitute teacher.

Sunday School Teacher (Ages 3-5) - Rhonda Graham
Mrs. Rhonda is a blessing. She is always helping out where needed.

Church Secretary - Mary Jo Beam
Mrs. Mary Jo works with her husband, Bro. Alan, in the RU ministry.

Church Treasurer - Kathy Welshans
Ms. Kathy keeps us all straight. She works alot of hours making sure things run smoothly in the church treasury. 

Camp Director / Veteran’s Day Coordinator - Wayne Fenley
Bro. Wayne works very hard on our annual Veteran's Day service each November. He is also part owner of Hatfield Hill Christian Camp